It Might Seem Like Sharks Are Splashing In These Waters…But Take A Closer Look

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In the midst of Shark Week, it might be hard to keep your mind from going straight to swarms of the sharp-toothed creatures when you”re around bodies of water. Heck, I don”t even like getting into pools by myself because my first thought is “what if there”s a shark in it.” I know, it doesn”t make sense…but still.

This might look like a lagoon full of hungry sharks…


But upon closer inspection…

That”s clearly not the case at all!

(source Eric Crampton)

These baby seals in New Zealand make their way up to this waterfall to goof around, while their moms and dads stay at the beach to have some adult time. Seems about right…these guys do seem like they”d be quite the handful!

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