This Sweet Pup Is Proof That Dogs Just Want To Be Everyone’s Best Friend

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What do a dog and a mouse have in common? Other than the fact that they”re both furry, not a whole lot.

Nevertheless, this friendly pup tries to find a common ground with everyone he meets. He brings a whole new meaning to the term “gentle giant.” When he tries to make friends with a new guy, it”s pretty incredible that his potential friend doesn”t run away the second he sets his eyes on the pup; in fact, the teeny, little critter encourages the canine”s playful advances.

Why is this so surprising, you ask?

Well, because the new friend is a mouse!

(via AFVApproved)

You know that if the pup wanted to smoosh the little rodent, she could have done so in just about two seconds. You can see in her precious eyes that all she wants to do is be the little guy”s very best friend, and it”s almost too cute to deal with.

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