What Citizens Discovered Hovering Over Their Quiet Town Will Give You Nightmares

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Farnham is a quaint little town in Surrey, England, famous for its historic Georgian houses as well as the ancient Farnham castle that looks over town. Things are much like they once were and always have been in Farnham. They”re not used to surprises there.

That”s why it was especially horrifying for the town when a biblical amount of bees rained down on them from the heavens. Townies are reporting that the sky turned black with bugs and traffic stopped completely. Here is a video of the chaos captured by some Farnham office workers just after they hurriedly closed their windows.

Apparently this is pretty normal for bees to do in the springtime, as it”s part of their life cycle. Farnham just happened to be part of the route taken by a queen bee and her hive as they relocated. Let”s hope they don”t fall in love with Farnham”s fanciful architecture and decide to stay.

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