Your Favorite Horror Movie Has Nothing On These Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

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When you watch a particularly scary movie, you might try to comfort yourself by saying, “Well, at least this isn”t real.” There”s usually little truth to most horror flicks, even with the classic “based on a true story” line tacked on at the beginning.

Unfortunately, murders still do happen, and sometimes they”re even more frightening than in the movies. These five horror movie-ready murders, for example, are fairly terrifying. The creepiest part? They”re all still unsolved. Could the killers still be on the loose?

1. Hinterkaifeck, Germany.

Hinterkaifeck, Germany.

March 29th, 1922. Andreas Gruber kept noticing strange things around the farm where he lived with his family before this particular date. Footsteps were leading from the treeline, noises came in the attic, and a set of keys went missing. On that fateful day, everyone in the property was murdered, including Andreas”s children and grandchild. Nobody was charged for the crime.

2. Lake Bodom Murders, Finland.

Lake Bodom Murders, Finland.

Finland, 1960. A group of teenage friends camped on the shores of Lake Bodom. Suddenly, in the early morning hours, they were attacked by someone wielding a knife. Three of the teens died, and one was charged for their murders. However, the charges against the alleged killer were recently dropped. A nearby farmer is now the prime suspect of a killing, which took place more than 50 years ago.

3. The Gatton Murders, Australia.

The Gatton Murders, Australia.

Boxing Day, 1898. Young Michael Murphy and his two sisters disappeared. Their mother sent her son-in-law to find them. All four bodies were found the next morning, bludgeoned to death and arranged in a mysterious triangle. The crime is still unsolved.

4. Murder of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, United States.

Murder of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, United States.

St. Augustine, 1972. Retired actress and model Athalia Ponsell Lindsley was murdered with a machete on her front steps. Her neighbor was charged for the murder and was later acquitted due to police incompetence. When one of Athalia”s friends claimed to have more information on the murder, she too was murdered in cold blood.

5. The Walker Family Murders, United States.

The Walker Family Murders, United States.

Florida, 1959. The Walker family were arriving at their farm home when they were shot and murdered. One man confessed to the crime, but the police believed him to be an unstable, pathological liar. More recently in 2012, police suspected it might have been the same killers written about in Truman Capote”s In Cold Blood that killed the Walker family.

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I guess I didn”t need to sleep tonight. It”s such a crazy world we live in, where things like this can happen and go unsolved for so many years. I sure wished these cases had a resolution, as it would certainly ease the minds of those affected by the heinous crimes.

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